Meeting Room Policy

The community meeting room of the Lockport Public Library is available without charge for use by local not-for-profit groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities of interest and/or benefit to the community.

Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of a program or point of view expressed. Meeting room use shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship. All publicity is the responsibility of the group, and must clearly identify the sponsoring organization.

Library programming is given priority, but outside groups will be scheduled on a first come-first served basis. Groups may use the facility no more than once a month. Each group will be expected to abide by the policy and rules of use as established by the Library, which they will receive when first submitting an application for such use. The Library reserves the right to withdraw approval for any group misusing the room or for failure to abide by the policy and rules listed below.

Meeting Room Rules of Use

  1. Groups will be held responsible for any damages to Library premises or equipment, and for loss of Library property.

  2. The Smart Board and Projector are not intended for general public use. The equipment is to be utilized by trained library staff only.

  3. The Library reserves the right to cancel prior meeting room reservations with at least 48 hours notice, or with less notice in the case of emergency.

  4. The meeting room is available for use from 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday through the library's normal hours of operation. Programs should be planned to include time for setup and cleanup. The meeting room must be vacated at closing time.

  5. An application to use the meeting room must be filled out by a group contact person. When approved by the Library Director, a card will be issued and the barcode will be used in scheduling the room.

  6. Please apply online to use the meeting room by going to and click on "Services" and then "Community Meeting Room". You may also apply at the second floor circulation desk during library hours. If you apply online, you will be notified if there is a problem with your application. If your online application is approved, you must pick up your organization's library card so that you can begin to schedule meeting dates.

  7. Youth groups may use the room with adult supervision.

  8. Providing an approved application is on file for the group, you may book the meeting room anytime online. Meetings should be booked at least one week in advance, and may be booked up to one year ahead of the scheduled meeting date.

  9. No admission fee or other required costs shall be charged.

  10. No products, services, or memberships may be advertised, solicited, or sold either in the meeting room or in the hall at the entrance to the meeting room. However, at the discretion of the Library Director the following will be permissible at Library sponsored programs:

    • Fund raising to benefit the Library and/or sponsored by the Friends of the¬†Lockport Public Library or other Library-related groups.
    • The sale of books, cassettes, and other items by authors or artists as part of a Library program.

  11. Fund raising events are not permitted except for those sponsored by the Friends of the Lockport Public Library, Inc., or other organizations affiliated with the Library.

  12. Serving of refreshments must be discussed with the Library and approved in advance. Refreshments and supplies are the responsibility of the organization. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted.

  13. The meeting room will be set up by library staff according to arrangements made when the reservation is placed.

  14. The room must be left in clean, orderly condition. Tables and chairs must be returned to the positions in which they were found. Nothing may be attached to walls, doors, etc.

  15. The Library is not liable for injuries to people or damage to property, individuals, or organizations using the meeting room.

  16. The Library will provide no storage space and assumes no responsibility for equipment or personal articles belonging to those using the room. Any food, beverages, or personal items left in the meeting room will be discarded.

  17. The Library should be notified as soon as possible if a meeting scheduled for the room has been cancelled.

  18. Library personnel must have free access to the meeting room at all times. The Library retains the right to ensure compliance with its regulations. Violations of any of the Library's rules shall be grounds for denial of future use of the meeting room.

  19. The capacity of the meeting room is 65 persons and should not be exceeded.

  20. Donations to the Library for the use of the room are encouraged and gratefully accepted.

If you have a library card for your organization, you need to review and accept the library's meeting room policy to reserve the meeting room. If you do not have a library card or barcode number for your organization, please go to the online application form.

I have read the Lockport Public Library's Meeting Room Policy and Rules of Use. I accept this policy.


Adopted by Board of Trustees October 28, 2004; revised March 26, 2007; revised August 26, 2010; revised April 21, 2011; revised September 12, 2011.

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