Lockport Public Library
Lockport, New York 14094


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Hardcover Books $18.00 $0
Paperback Books $8.00 $0
Videos $3.00 $0
Music CDs $12.00 $0
Audiobooks $22.74 $0
Magazines $3.57 $0
Newspapers $0.50 $0
Interlibrary Loan $2.00 $0
Meeting Room Use (hours) $50.00 $0
Adult Programs $18.00 $0
Children's Programs $15.00 $0
Computer / Internet / WiFi Use (hours) $2.95 $0
Use of Research Databases (number of articles downloaded) $2.95 $0
Reference Questions Answered $7.25 $0

The values in the calculator were determined by the estimated cost of obtaining each of the items without the use of the library.

Hardcover Books
Purchase cost of a new hardcover book
Paperback Books
Purchase cost of a new softcover book
Rental cost of a DVD
Music CDs
Purchase cost of a music CD
Purchase cost of a CD audiobook
Magazines, Newspapers
Purchase cost of a magazine or newspaper
Interlibrary Loan
Meeting Room Use
Cost of outside classes
Computer, Internet, WiFi Use
Cost of hourly computer usage at a business or copy center
Use of Research Databases
Estimated cost of download per article
Reference Questions Answered
Estimated cost per 15-minute queestion; $29 mean hourly wage of librarian in NYS (U.S. Bureau of Statistics)