Lockport Public Library
Lockport, New York 14094


What is your public library worth to you?

How much would you pay out of pocket
for services you receive from your public library?

Use our library value calculator to find out!


Value Calculator
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  • Libraries provide a valuable community resource.

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  • How many of each item/service do you typically use?

Hardcover Books $18.00 $0
Paperback Books $8.00 $0
Videos $3.00 $0
Music CDs $12.00 $0
Audiobooks $22.74 $0
Magazines $3.57 $0
Newspapers $0.50 $0
Interlibrary Loan $2.00 $0
Meeting Room Use (hours) $50.00 $0
Adult Programs $18.00 $0
Children's Programs $15.00 $0
Computer / Internet / WiFi Use (hours) $2.95 $0
Use of Research Databases (number of articles downloaded) $2.95 $0
Reference Questions Answered $7.25 $0

The values in the calculator were determined by the estimated cost of obtaining each of the items without the use of the library.

Hardcover Books
Purchase cost of a new hardcover book
Paperback Books
Purchase cost of a new softcover book
Rental cost of a DVD
Music CDs
Purchase cost of a music CD
Purchase cost of a CD audiobook
Magazines, Newspapers
Purchase cost of a magazine or newspaper
Interlibrary Loan
Meeting Room Use
Cost of outside classes
Computer, Internet, WiFi Use
Cost of hourly computer usage at a business or copy center
Use of Research Databases
Estimated cost of download per article
Reference Questions Answered
Estimated cost per 15-minute queestion; $29 mean hourly wage of librarian in NYS (U.S. Bureau of Statistics)

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